Gain Confidence in Your Teams Potential

Experience New Closeness With God

Release Powerful Life-Changing Worship

At Worship Union we know you want to empower, encourage and strengthen your worship department. In order to do that you need team and leadership development.

Imagine Your Worship on fire with the presence of God transforming your entire cities and nations

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Impassioned Worship Demonstrates  the Greatness of God!

Cultivate Authentic Worship

Receive powerful, biblical and practical tools for releasing God’s unique expression of worship through your teams and communities.

Grow in Skill and Team Building

Receive training for higher levels of skill in your voice, instruments and songwriting as well as cultivating trust and clear communication with your team.

Experience The Power of Worship!

Your team will learn to move in the freedom and fullness of their potential to bring God’s presence into your fellowships, cities, and nations.

Welcome to Worship Union!

My life’s passion is empowering worshipers to lead their communities into the presence of God. I truly understand the commitment it takes to attain authentic, powerful worship.

Worship Union is a team of highly skilled and Holy Spirit-filled musicians ready to coach your worshipers in all areas from leadership and team building to songwriting and sprontaneous flow, as well as skill training on vocals and instruments and so much more.

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