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Worship Union is for all worshipers hungry to move in more of the presence of God in their daily lives and communities. On our Worship Union podcast we interview some of the most beloved worshipers on the planet who are changing the world with their music and worshiping arts. Join us as we mine the gold in the hearts of these friends and allow the vulnerability of their interviews to inspire and bring hope to you, our fabulous listeners, for a deeper Worship Union with Christ.

In Season 1, we talk with Jonathan Helser, Kim Walker Smith, Melissa Helser, Sarah McMillan, John Mark McMillan, and more!!!

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Worship Union Podcast

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I’m SUZY YARAEI! Welcome to my worship site.

My life’s passion is empowering and equipping worship teams with tools for revival worship and a fear-free life of limitless creativity by the power of the Holy Spirit. I truly understand the commitment it takes to attain authentic, powerful worship. I was a leader in a worship movement in the 2000’s that released a fresh wave of worship fire world-wide and is still burning today!

My husband, Kamran, and I also have the privilege of serving the largest harvest on earth today- the young Iranian church of Muslim conversions. 

My Story

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